Launched as part of “Revealing Benin,” the government of Benin’s investment and development programme, Sèmè City is the only project of its kind in Africa.

This city of innovation and knowledge brings together high-level training institutions, research and development centres, and incubators of innovative solutions to help solve the challenges facing Benin and Africa.

With Sèmè City, Benin wishes to train a new generation of talents and foster the emergence of a new model of inclusive and sustainable growth based on “Innovation Made in Africa”. The stake is clear: we must face the economic challenges of Benin and more generally of Africa in order to provide the continent’s youth with opportunities for the future.

Around 200,000 students will graduate from the schools and universities of Sèmè City by 2030, and more than 190,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created, one third of which will be self-employments.

All the activities of Sèmè City will be organised around 5 interdisciplinary areas:

  1. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  2. Art, Design, and Humanities and Social Sciences
  3. Agriculture, Nutrition, and Natural Resources
  4. Health and Life Sciences
  5. Management, Administration, and Business


The Presidency of the Republic of Benin is launching an international call for projects in order to establish strategic partnerships for the development of Sèmè City.

The call for projects is organized around three stages:

  • Until 31 July 2017: submission of proposals;
  • From 1 September to 15 November 2017: submission of projects, programs or bilateral exchanges. The shortlisted candidates will then work with Sèmè City to specify their project (timeline, expected impact, infrastructure needs, etc.);
  • 31 January 2018: selected partners announced.

The entire procedure is explained in detail in the official “call for projects” document. If you are a partner wishing to develop a project within Sèmè City, you can do so by making a request via email to semecity@deloitte.fr cc semecity@presidence.bj.